Filming Don Murphy @ Wesley Peachtree Group

Don Murphy’s company moved from Downtown Atlanta and maintains the position of CEO & Managing Partner of the Wesley Peachtree Group, over 20 years as Certified Public Accountants & Business Strategists, and the firm handling the most HBCU (Historically Black Colleges) in the country than any other accounting firm. We are now discussing partnering to produce an online financial series as well as helping to develop the media for Wesley Peachtree Institute. Stay tuned to the Rockdale Connector for more details.


Today’s filming sponsored in part by John Miles Chevy of Conyers, Georgia


Today We Celebrate Success!


What an incredible day for a celebration! In January we began an online publication known as “The Rockdale Connector.” The purpose of this online project was to bring together all of the good people who we’ve come into contact with during the last eight years here. But in just six months we’ve launched great added value here in the Rockdale community,  including newer relationships with businesses, featured stories on extreme success of some residents and workers, and our own  video series which features, promotes and markets local business owners at no cost to them.  There are many more projects to come but so far we are doing wonderful and progressing as expected.

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 Today we celebrate our new alliances with the accounting and business strategy firm Wesley Peachtree Group, and with A very successful New Orleans-themed restaurant known as Just Loaf’n.  For both businesses East Atlanta Multimedia will be producing multimedia, video and other platforms during the forthcoming years. Darren Williams came to Atlanta by way of post-Katrina circumstances. Sitting with him was an out of body experience to learn that this man changed his circumstances, to now florish in this brand-new environment and to also became ultra successful at it. More about Mr Darren Williams:

 Don Murphy is the CEO and managing associate of  WPG, the Wesley Peachtree Group. Mr. Murphy has been A certified public accountant, a forensic certified public accountant, and a certified fraud examiner for a collective 25years. His company facilitates the accounting for 15 HBCUs around the nation. More about Mr Murphy & Company. Both of these Rockdale County entrepreneurs are the reason,  The purpose and the joy behind our publication the Rockdale Connector.   We hope that you will join us today between 4 PM and 9 PM at Just Loaf’n, 1410 Klondike Road in Conyers, Ga.  If you have been featured in the Rockdale connector or you are merely a resident from Rockdale and maybe an admirer of our work over the years, come out and enjoy good Jazz, food and great networking.  It all takes place today, Sunday June 28th in celebration of outstanding achievement.

Special thanks to our other supporters and clients who we produce for all through the year. WILLIS TAX SERVICES, JOHN MILES CHEVY of CONYERS, Mr. LEWIS CARR of STATE FARM INSURANCE, CROSSFIT CONYERS, READY PLUMBING, WILDER CHIROPRACTIC CENTER, STATE SENATOR RAMSEY, and our respective hosts, writers and contributors, FELESHA LOVE, ROXANN THOMPSON, DR. SINCLAIR GRAY, JOHN KAVALAGE, CHICO CHAPMANCOURTNEY DILLARD, MARIA BROWN, COMEDIAN “C DAVIS”, the WELLS THOMAS LAWFIRM, ACTION SEPTIC TANK SERVICETHE NEWROC LEGAL SOCIETY, and of course COURTESY FORD of CONYERS. Lastly, I’d like to thank Kelley Smith, manager of the Starbucks store in Conyers. Its because of her faith in me that I have been able to progress farther than I would have otherwise. Thank you Kelley, and thank you all. #RelentlessAaron

Dear Charleston Neighbors…


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You’re Live! With Dr Sinclair Gray iii

Having The Right Ingredients
By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

sinclair gray picWhile speaking to a group of entrepreneurs last night, I dropped in their spirit the phrase,

‘your attitude partnered with your personality will determine your reality.’

In other words, when you think right and you allow the Spirit of God to work in you and through you, doors will open for you. I want you to get this into your spirit – you have power to make things happen. That’s right; what you have on the inside is so powerful that if you use it correctly, you would be surprised at what could transpire in your life.

The writer of Proverbs penned the words, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.” Please don’t miss this. You have control over your attitude. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with having an attitude as long as it’s a good one. Your personality tells people about you as a person. When both (attitude and personality) are good, you’ll blow up from the floor up. As I close this message, I urge you to not allow disappointments and/or setbacks to rob you of your attitude and personality. Continue to shine and I promise you that you’ll come out fine.

Felesha Love

 On some rare occasions, change in routine by some unforeseen circumstances or event jolts us into becoming more conscious about how unconscious decisions are affecting our lives.

Sudden change hits with avalanches of decisions causing the mind to spin out of control and laden us with anxiety and worry. Basic routine decisions that were once made with ease take us well out of our comfort zone.

We know this to be true when waking up to worry the instant our eyes open in the morning. Changes in normal routine can also cause many sleepless nights, changes in eating habits and attitude toward life. As the severity of change increases, so does our response. Threatening change perception pushes us to respond in one of the following ways: fight, flight or freeze response. I, like many of my clients and students share varied experiences but our responses falls neatly into one of the three mentioned. When we are in fight mode there is a resistance to occurring change where we often struggle to avoid a loss. Flight mode finds us in denial and running away from facing events, situations and circumstances. Finally, when overwhelmed with uncertainty, the freeze response holds us captive and fearful. We all seem to have one thing in common no matter the experiences. When change persists and seems unbearable physical appearance, behavior and or mental attitude toward self and others is altered.

Mindfulness helps us to reset and regain confidence in our ability to withstand change and contribute rather than resist it.

Undesirable changes can be significant when we make unconscious choices that adversity contribute to our current state of being. Mindfulness brings control into focus. We may temporarily lose control of our comfort when change happens but mindfulness helps us to stay in touch and grounded in what we do have control over. Practice mindfulness in three steps. 1. Take inventory of your emotions. Stop to connect with how your feel and how your are responding to the events of life. If you notice that life is spinning out of control and adversely affecting your attitude, health and or behavior, it is due to indecision and fear. 2. What can you do now? Avoid rehashing the past or attaching to future expectations. You don’t have control over either. You only have control in this current moment.

Create a string of decisions based on clear moment to moment decisions that resonate with your greatest good. 3. Create a simple, attainable goal. Do everything you know to match the intension and then detach from judgement of outcome. This is were we often get stuck. Knowing that you’ve tried everything you know how and still not gaining favorable outcome is nerve wrecking. It is when we fear loss that we spin out of control. Stay grounded by practicing non-judgement. Things happen for reasons that we cannot always see. A life well lived is one that matches our greatest intensions with our greatest good. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. Life has a way of showing us through change. Learn to flow instead of resist what is out of your control.

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