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pose relentlessRockdale County is a growing community, refreshing itself like a warm coat each season, privileged to enjoy 95% amazing weather throughout the year, events and their members making their periodic sojourns here, and a certain peace of mind that sets this community apart from others. Its great to be part of a small community, where you’re comfortable amongst people you see now and then… where most everything s predictable and assured.  Sure, there’s the proverbial wild-card now and then… a big traffic accident, or some fatal domestic incident. But on the average, having lived here for 7 years and counting, The City of Conyers in the County of Rockdale is a most pleasant community to call home.

I’ve met numerous individuals over the years, many are entrepreneurs, performers, inventors and a wide array of educational and spiritual leadership. There are also a series of voices who I connect with. I’ve since collaborated with them to create this publication, The Rockdale Connector. You will hear from them every month, in every issue, bringing their resources together to further encourage and inspire our area’s residents. Meet Felecia, Sinclair, Maria, Vance and others, all of us growing this brand new energy known as The Rockdale Connector.

The Rockdale Connector Contributors

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By, For & About People in the Rockdale County Area