Carnival @Salem Gate, Conyers Georgia [Video]

I’ve been recognizing this carnival for 7 years now, how it comes in for a week or two during the early summer and it shuts down and leaves for the next mall. You can appreciate the extracurricular activities if you are a parent with kids, looking for a safe environment to patronize. You can also appreciate that this event fuels commerce in the area, jobs and spillage to the nearby Dollar Store, Fast Food Restaurant and Gas Stations.

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You can also appreciate how these business owners brave the storms that come at random, sometimes wiping out their profits for days.

Those are things I can appreciate when I observe the carnival and their visit to this growing community. But the one thing you can look forward to, besides the peaceful environment is getting your nerves rattled! There’s that giant swing, that “Fire Ring” and some spinning top, all of it competing with that giant ferris wheel that is most likely drawing the impulsive crowd from -20 to join the locals for fun and prizes. Here’s the video we shot on Friday evening, May 29th, about 9pm. Producer, Relentless Aaron

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