Dr. Sinclair N. Grey iii

0d58f0d6d1343fff625cb36befc60df8An inspirational speaker, motivator, author, organizer and “liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life”, Dr. Grey is a committed advocate for communal change.  As a strong proponent of gathering the masses through grassroots efforts, Dr. Grey has dedicated much of his life to mobilizing and inspiring others to achieve their true potential.

Felecia Love:

feleciaFelesha Love is a global nurturer and educator. She teaches critical tools to live your best life. This college educator and mind/body expert has expanded the walls of her class room to reach the global community with messages of love and personal empowerment.

Maria Brown:

 Screenshot 2015-02-27 18.21.20Maria Brown’s professional history is one of Exceeding Expectations through Excellence. She is an accomplished senior manager with a solid track record in operational leadership, project management, and strategic planning for school improvement and academic growth. Ms. Brown has a keen ability to navigate through broad executive direction to structure financially justified programs and to build organizations and teams that deliver. She is certified to teach grades K-12 and has served as a facilitator of learning for both students and adults for almost twenty years. Her belief that using data-driven decision making will supplement internal resources including; parents, community members and, professional development, needs assessment, data analysis, and collaborative planning drives her commitment to bring out the best in everyone around her.

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