Hatred Never Wins By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

imageLet’s face it – there’s a lot of hatred in the world. Whether it’s race, gender, faith, sexual orientation, or culture just to name a few, we have a lot of people hating on others for no obvious reason at all. As soon as people encounter hatred, they say ‘let’s pray for them.’ Well, let’s do something in addition to that. Let’s make up our minds not to hate in return and to be the ‘light’ of the world. I want you to understand this point – hatred and haters never will. 

The Bible says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Please don’t miss this. People can hate all they want but it will never thwart the plan of God. Here’s the Sinclair remix. With all of the ‘hell’ happening in the world today, don’t hate in return. I double dare you to do more than pray – be an example of what it means to love. Remember, God is love and if people want to see God in you, let love shine through you.

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