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Congrats Judge Phinia Aten!

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“It was a privilege and high honor to receive the Inaugural Dorothy Irene Height Trailblazer Award in the Public Servant category from the Rockdale-Newton Chapter of NCNW on Saturday. I will forever cherish this recognition and continue to serve as God leads.” JUDGE PHINIA ATEN

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” – the late Dorothy Irene Height

It was an absolute delight to have my baby sister announce me as the winner of the Trailblazer Award in the public servant category. My family has always shown strong support.

JUDGE PHINIA ATEN HONORED: Madam President Rhonda Taylor has done a phenomenal job leading the Rockdale-Newton Chapter of NCNW. The executive committee and luncheon organizers did a fantastic job.

The New Face of Conyers, Georgia

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Over the past 8 years I’ve been watching the change here, how diversity is more the norm than a mere new reality. From the people who hold official seats in local & county government, to the civil service workers, to the business owners. The Old Conyers/Rockdale is no more. Sure, the “old money” is still around. It has been invested into real estate, the homes that are off the beaten path, mostly owned by older White and even non-white residents. Many of these homes I’ve been to are large and owned be entrepreneurs who do not feed into the “White Flight” that’s a very real reality here in Rockdale County. With their deep pockets and decades of consistence, they are sincerely invested here, whether its John the inventor/entrepreneur, or Tommy the real estate developer, or Doug, who’s family has survived generations of changes and economic shifts maintaining his trucking company/his family business that has been operating  for more than 100 years. By default, I happen upon folks like this because we have something in common; that entrepreneurial drive. I also believe we recognize one another as men of means. Continue reading The New Face of Conyers, Georgia

The Rockdale Connector Celebrates The Bill Picket Rodeo

Screenshot 2015-07-17 11.21.51Last year when I visited the Bill Pickett Rodeo for the first time, I was so proud to so how serious these cowboys and cowgirls were of their allegiance to the life; roping steer, riding hard and dressing the part. It was such an awesome experience and I look forward to being more involved this year, bringing all our Rockdale Family together on Sunday to “connect With The Cowboys!”