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I Buy Local – Conyers Georgia

Why do I buy local?

imageBecause each one teach one. Because you scratch  my back and I scratch yours.  Because it’s good to know that I neighbor .  Because  familiarity  feels comfortable.  Because home is where the heart is.  because gas is expensive ? Lol.


There is no point here, or maybe there is; I’ve been supporting small businesses for as long as I can remember.   My business is even supported by small businesses and small business men and women.   If you have a unique service or gift that I can use. then I am a client and a fan.  My hope is that eventually you will become a tiger,  with some sort of safety net or residual income to secure you  thru your latter years.  We also know small businesses to pay special attention to detail. It is something like a large class of 40 compared to a small class of 15…  The teacher can focus more on the individual student’s needs.  Today,  although I generally cut my own hair, I had a few extra bucks to support the local barber.