The New Face of Conyers, Georgia

this is conyers georgia 2 oct 11 2015

Over the past 8 years I’ve been watching the change here, how diversity is more the norm than a mere new reality. From the people who hold official seats in local & county government, to the civil service workers, to the business owners. The Old Conyers/Rockdale is no more. Sure, the “old money” is still around. It has been invested into real estate, the homes that are off the beaten path, mostly owned by older White and even non-white residents. Many of these homes I’ve been to are large and owned be entrepreneurs who do not feed into the “White Flight” that’s a very real reality here in Rockdale County. With their deep pockets and decades of consistence, they are sincerely invested here, whether its John the inventor/entrepreneur, or Tommy the real estate developer, or Doug, who’s family has survived generations of changes and economic shifts maintaining his trucking company/his family business that has been operating  for more than 100 years. By default, I happen upon folks like this because we have something in common; that entrepreneurial drive. I also believe we recognize one another as men of means. And not to mention, that in order to be successful you must, must, must be “connected.” Being connected means you have value that others want to share in. Your energy, your purpose and your “vibe” is important in the bigger picture. And who wants to be around folks who are “fly by night?” Everything I know about success involves “consistence.” Indeed, one can “fall off” now and again. It happens. But for the most part, people who are successful are consistent. That consistence gives towards a certain power and energy. Yes, there are “resources” that some of us have been gifted with, whether with that old “silver spoon” or by some other luck. But quick money can disappear quick. And then as we al know, nothing is quite guaranteed. Nothing is quite “forever.” So we’re required to “serve” to “give” and to “connect” if we are to continue succeeding. All of that to say…

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The change of the atmosphere here in the City of Conyers, in the County of Rockdale is a positive change. Most of us are thinking progressively and that spreads like a virus. Success is inspiring. Tragedy is challenging and bouncing back is a sure thing if the community (for the most part) is on the same page or “resourcing” or “consistence” and of “communicating amongst ourselves.” Those who are financially weak might learn to earn more and do better simply by communicating with neighbors, friends or others in the community. Those who are struggling with relationships might eventually mature simply by the moral support and consideration of others who have somehow already gone thru those stages. And finally, there is unity that we feel in our houses of worship, our allegiances in education and our work environments.

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Beware, there is still the randomness amongst us. I know personally, because I use to be that/I came from New York, experienced with randomness and the ideology that “anything can happen and it usually does.” To be imported into a space where people are familiar with their ways and not so familiar with yours is some heavy burdon to carry. That whole “cliqueish” way of life is very real, and not just a “Southen thing,.  I believe people are judgmental by default, just wanting to protect what they have, what they know and who they are. I don’t believe its altogether hate.  But we can at least make it that “perfect storm” if we communicate, if we  remain prepared, vigilant and continue to think and act progressively.

Feeling unable or unentitled or that change is not within your grasp?Your smile might be that first step. 🙂


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