You’re Live! With Dr Sinclair Gray iii

Having The Right Ingredients
By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

sinclair gray picWhile speaking to a group of entrepreneurs last night, I dropped in their spirit the phrase,

‘your attitude partnered with your personality will determine your reality.’

In other words, when you think right and you allow the Spirit of God to work in you and through you, doors will open for you. I want you to get this into your spirit – you have power to make things happen. That’s right; what you have on the inside is so powerful that if you use it correctly, you would be surprised at what could transpire in your life.

The writer of Proverbs penned the words, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.” Please don’t miss this. You have control over your attitude. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with having an attitude as long as it’s a good one. Your personality tells people about you as a person. When both (attitude and personality) are good, you’ll blow up from the floor up. As I close this message, I urge you to not allow disappointments and/or setbacks to rob you of your attitude and personality. Continue to shine and I promise you that you’ll come out fine.

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